If you've got this far into the site then we guess you might want to get in contact with us directly, so here are a few notes on the subject 

Swim is not some kind of faceless institution and we attempt to respond to all positive correspondence, there are just a few provisos on that. Unfriendly letters, lists & general unsolicited adverstising will not, in general, elicit a response.

 However if you have sent us an e.mail asking for simple information or whatever and you haven't heard from us it will be down to one of two causes, either we didn't get it or we couldn't reply for a number of reasons.

 It seems obvious to mention it but if you want us to reply please make sure there is a proper e.mail address on your note (we get some with none, we kid you not!) Also some e.mail addresses don't seem to work they just bounce back (sometimes many times), if you want to be sure of a reply then please include some other kind of contact (postal address, fax no. etc.) just in case. 

There are mail order prices on this site. They are on a page linked to the bottom of the mail order page.

Malka & Colin Swim HQ